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The Importance of Shunya (zero) in Human Life

Jagdish Kohli


In ancient scriptures Shunya is a referred to the Sacred Space out of which all life emerges. This is also called as the Zero, Emptiness or Infinity of life. Diving deep into this SPACE of SPIRITUALITY brings inner awakening into our life. This unlocks hidden Cosmic Wisdom leading to a much richer experience of living on planet earth. Without this Awareness we just miss the Divine meaning of our existence.

Human beings from time immemorial have been seeking answers to the hidden secrets of life. In a 5000 year old Upanishad (Spiritual Text) sage Yagyavalkya was asked by his pupils to explain the nature of Brahmn (The Creator of the Universe). The sage replied: “Neti Netiâ€. This means neither this nor that is Brahmn. The answer translates to neither positive nor negative or anything else one can point to is the Creator of the Universe.  Also the Vedas proclaim Brahmn is ZERO or SHUNYA and Eternal.

Here by using the “PARADIGM of ZERO†we comprehend the “Source of Creation†and the “Nature of Creatorâ€. We explore this dimension by looking through the lens of Spirituality and Science.

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