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GÄyatri as Iso-Red-Shift of Astrophysical Event

Dattatraya Devarao Kulkarni, Raghavendra Bhat, Ranjit Singh Bhogal


The GÄyatri, according to Vedas the ancient Indian philosophical scriptures, is a goddess deity referred to as Vedic meter to monitor and regulate sunlight-earth interaction process in all 8 directions of the sky. GÄyatri refers to two metaphysical aspects, such as cosmic energy or “Pranaâ€, as well as, Sun rise-Noon-Sun set astrophysical events on complex matter–energy interaction. The recitation of GÄyatri is believed to enhance a human individual’s bio-energy. The GÄyatri is proposed as Iso-Red Shift (IRS) astrophysical event of the Sun rays directly reaching earth, as per  Santillis’ findings, revealing spectral shifts between yellow to red as 55 nm  in length. As well, at the zenith a spectral shift from blue to red and up to infra red as 200 nm through Doppler Effect is evident.  The Sun rise and Sun set GÄyatri events exhibit Red wavelength Doppler Shift with maximum polarized sky light. The noon phase has Blue wavelength Doppler Shift with least polarized sky light. The IRS on-set time depends upon earth’s axis rotation, axial tilt and twilight duration varying upon aphelion and perihelion distances of earth from the Sun. The Rayleigh scattering of light rays contributes to polarized sky light intensities proportional to inverse fourth power of the scattered wavelength. The study concludes that GÄyatri  phenomenon is a universal celestial IRS astrophysical event.


Gāyatri;IRS;Doppler Effect;Rayleigh Scattering ;Polarized skylight

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